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Spreading the Love

It wasn’t enough for just the gallery goers at Ridenbaugh Hall to see my love for the Palouse, I needed to shout it from the rooftops. I wanted people in Moscow to be able to share in the love, and to send it off to people that they love - near and far. Luckily the city of Moscow has a wonderful artistic community with lots of opportunities for residents to display their work and sell goods through local businesses.

Postcards, Postcards, Postcards

Since communication & connection play a large part in my practice, postcards were the perfect fit, as was the decision to partner with businesses who support local artists. Packs of postcards featuring the 12 pieces from Calendar Year have been available for purchase at BookPeople of Moscow, Cafe Artista, and Moscow Contemporary. They are currently sold out, but stay tuned to see what new goodies come in 2023!

cards bookpeople.jpg
Sample Pack Angled.jpg

That's a wrap!

Another opportunity to share the love came in Moscow’s annual Vinyl Wrap Competition, where local artists can submit designs to help brighten up the utility boxes around town. I reworked the pieces from the Cycles series and also another piece from my BFA theme exploration, Sank Its Teeth Into Me (shown in gallery below), for the competition. 


The new combined Cycles piece, entitled Full Circle, was chosen to wrap the utility box at the intersection of Mountain View Rd & Highway 8. Heading east down the highway, the box is perfectly framed by the beautiful rolling hills of the Palouse, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Original Designs

Left - Full Circle (2022) original design.


Above - Sunk Its Teeth Into Me (2022) - submitted for display at the intersection of Jackson & A St.

The Final Product

Photos by Tiffany Gunderson

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