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Branding & Packaging

Here's a selection of other branding, logo, and packaging work I've done.

Some of these projects were completed for clients, some for school, and some for fun!

Golf Armageddon

Golf Armageddon is an annual private golf & social event held in Montana. In 2021 the host contacted me for a logo that could be applied to swag items such as golf shirts, hats, and shot glasses. During our meeting we discussed using imagery that would play off of the campy name of the event such as skulls, explosions, and golf clubs. Eventually we decided on an elk skull since there is a herd that roams the surrounding area and even beds down on the golf course during the off-season.

Quietly Sleep Supplements

Quietly 1.jpg
quietly label 1.png

This branding & packaging concept was designed for someone who uses sleep aids regularly and wants to keep them out where they are easily accessible. The packaging and color palette was inspired by the skincare and self care industries, so these products will fit in along side other beauty products and scented candles on any nightstand or bathroom counter.

Quietly 2.jpg
quietly label 2.png

All-Nighter Chocolates

Packaging concept for chocolate bars made by University of Idaho, Food & Nutrition students.

Ponder planning system

Before We Dive In

This system was created for an upper-level design class in my senior year at the University of Idaho. The goal was to create a brand and supporting products from scratch, including digital & physical mock-ups, a brand voice, and a short style guide. We ended the project with a photoshoot of the physical mock-ups.

For this project, I wanted to design a product that I would actually use given the opportunity. I ended up using one of the proof notebooks as my planner for 2022, and it was just as much of a joy to use as it was to design!

The original moodboard that inspired this project.

The Ponder Planning System

The world is wide and full of endless possibilities which can leave you feeling like an itty-bitty goldfish in a great big pond, but with the Ponder Planning System you can grow to match the challenges of life. This system has been designed to help you organize your schedule, take note of the world around you, and achieve your personal growth milestones.


Choose from the Tank Planner, Pond Journal, or Ocean Sketchbook. Each notebook was designed for a different school of thought, from the free-flowing doodlers to those who prefer to cruise within the confines of a current system. Each book comes with two ribbon bookmarks and patterned inner-covers to add some personality to your planning system.

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