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Rosemary Manor is a family owned & operated winery located in Post Falls, Idaho. The business was founded in 2019 by Cara and Keelan Dickson on their family estate, with Keelan as the winemaker and Cara as head of sales & marketing. They started their business with a strong sense identity and values, so they contacted me to help turn those ideas in a visual direction. The business is named for Keelan's grandmother, Rosemary, who previously owned the property they now live and work on. Family legacy is important to the Dicksons, so the logo takes inspiration from a family crest and the style of a wax seal stamp.

Rosemary Manor's debut wine was a 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon for which they wanted a label that was clean, simple, and featured an illustration of their estate that was drawn by a family member. They have since expanded to producing a variety of wines, with labels that have the same design, but featuring new colors. We chose a vibrant grassy green to compliment the warm color of the white wines, and went for a bolder black & white version to pop against the beautiful pink of their blush wine.

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